<aside> 💡 This is a curated library of resources aimed at helping you get the most out of the Compass IoT platform and the different tools we offer.


How-to product guides

Road Intelligence V3

Real-time API

Native Connect

Technical Guides

Understanding Near-misses

Understanding Intersection Analysis

Understanding Compass Graphs

Understanding Speed Data

Understanding Our Technology

Case Studies

Asset Maintenance

Large-scale highway pavement upgrade

Monitoring Changes in Road Rideability

Impacts of hard braking on road friction

Planning for EV Charging Infrastructure


Fitzroy Crossing Collapse

Highway Overtaking Analysis

Freight Origin-Destination

Identifying road upgrades for freight efficiency gains


1,200 Level Crossing Safety Analysis

NSW Train Level Crossing Safety Analysis

Road Safety

Effects of Variable Message Signs

Back spill and back-of-queue protection

Curve Advisory Study

Driver Behaviour Analysis for Pinch Points

Planning Temporary Traffic Control For Construction

Local Area Traffic Management

Roundabout installation - Urban Road Safety Program

Congestion in a Local Government Area

Origin-Destination data for Rat Running

Local and Surrounding Impacts of a One-Way Street

Impacts of Adding Raised Thresholds

Innovation Pipeline

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